Thursday, 1 December 2016

I Have To Get My Shimmy On

There has been very little sewing done here, in actual fact I haven't been home this week, but  at my dad's house. No, there hasn't been a marital fall out, but rather my dad has finally got home from hospital after 16 long weeks. I have come down to "keep an eye" on him, but in reality I have been enjoying watching my favourite trashy tv when he sleeps, and loads of sport when he is awake. I have been doing a little more knitting too.

I had made rather good progress on my snowflake shimmer though, so I will bring you up to date on this.

I borrowed the idea of straight lines in the dark blue, parallel to the side of the mid blue. These lines form an arch and cross hatch at the top. I really like how this shapes up. The top left was quilted using the YSL thread left from the #behemoth. The top right is a different shade of the same quilting thread, more of a teal variation this time. I am happy with the variation in thread colour here.

Next to quilt were the lighter blue squares, part of the actual snowflake. I remembered I had some aurifil quilting thread in a lovely light blue variation. It is the aurifil really intended for a heavy machine or hand quilting. Rules are meant to be broken.

Again I have used straight line quilting here too. I have nearly completed the top two snowflakes, one going up and down, the next left to right. I love the random thicker effect of this thread, but admittedly the thread thickness is pushing the Pfaff to its limits.  After a few thread snaps I knew it was time to call it a day.

Now I see how it is coming together, I think I will also quilt the smaller blue runs. I had planned only to quilt the full length parallel lines and leave the "in-betweens". I have decided now to follow those quilting lines through too.

The white blocks? I started off thinking swirls, but I am tending towards diamond shapes.

And of course, after I finish this top half, I have to do the same again at the bottom half too!

The plan had been to finish it up for tomorrow. Well, clearly that isn't going to happen. We have friends coming from England to stay, and its nice to show off after all. Last week got a bit busy, dad was getting home, dad wasn't getting home. It was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and the sewing rightly took a back seat. This week I have been staying with him so no sewing.  I'll maybe get some done next week.

I would like to have it finished for Christmas.

Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts were both trying to finish together for Christmas. Well, Lisa, I have missed my first deadline. But definitely Christmas. How about you Lisa?

Helen x
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Monday, 28 November 2016

My Very Own Wonder of the World.

I can't believe it. Its November and the end of the Stash Bee. I have really enjoyed this year and especially getting to know you all. The blocks have been fun. Yes, really. Stretching at times, but fun overall. My paper piecing and my flying geese have improved no end.

Karen's block was, to put it simply a oh my goodness block. I never thought I could do the tumbling blocks, or as I think of it, the Giant's Causeway block. Never say never, I have now added this to my list of favourite blocks.

The first block I made was a little bumpy, and working on the principle, of  "would I like to receive this?" the answer was no. Then I remembered somebody had given me some plastic templates a few years ago, and I wasn't sure what to do with them. One of them was the exact shape of diamond and the exact size.  Was I the lucky girl?

Very quickly, remarkably quickly I had two blocks for Karen in her chosen colours of navy, a cooler medium colour and a low volume text fabric. I only wish I had time to make more of these for Karen. Maybe I could make my very own Giant's Causeway! (a N Ireland Heritage site and believably, or not believably one of the wonders of the world). Samuel Johnson the 18th Century thinker did say, worth seeing but not worth going to see. And he hadn't even been there!

Thank you Karen for pushing my boundaries.
Thank you Sylvia for being such a great bee mama
And thank you Bee Mates for being such fun this year.

Helen x

Sunday, 20 November 2016

I've Been Thinking, Its A Conundrum

There has been a little shopping going on here over the last few weeks. Not particularly the Christmas shopping which should be done. Are you a buy your presents early or leave it to the last minute type of person? For myself, I don't like to buy too early, it seems too clinical, I like to have a little of the Christmas spirit before hitting the shops. On the other hand, if the tree goes up and I don't have "the back broken on it" I feel a little panicky. One year I dreamt that it was Christmas Eve and I hadn't bought a thing. Luckily it was a dream and I did a mad shopping spurt that very day.

A few weeks ago, Halloween to be precise, I was away for the weekend with my scrapbooking friends. We went into a little shop in Derry/Londonderry (don't ask) and I bought some fabric for my bubbles  and then a ball of aran wool. My friend bought a ball of wool too and we decided to have a knit in. Have I told you this before? It seems familiar. Apologies if I have. Maybe I just wrote it in my head. I'll save the wool for another blog, post. This very day I have finished the gloves and the hat I eventually knitted.

The other day I nipped into a not so local fabric shop. Now, I must admit I tend not to use this shop except in emergencies, you know these fabric emergencies. I always felt their stock was a little stale, but wow. They have updated the stock. This could be due to the influence of one of the tutors who is a local blogger and modern quilter. In any case, it set me thinking and this is what I bought. Again a usual variety for my bubble blocks.

I don't buy fabric for the big projects locally, they don't have the depth of modern fabric, or for that matter wool, that I want. I tend to buy this either in USA on holiday, namely in Purl Soho, or order online either from Fluffy Sheep Quilting in Galway or The Village Haberdashery in London.
But .... if I don't buy locally then these shops will not survive, will close and I wont have any localish shops to go to when I need a couple of fat quarters for stash.
But ...... if they don't have what I want ..........
It is a conundrum isn't it?

I went into downtown Belfast yesterday and tried to buy some Aran wool and a pattern for hat and gloves to send to my son's girlfriend in USA for Christmas. They had damn all if you excuse my French. Not even the basis of knitting, Aran has become fashionable again but seemingly these city centre shops preferred to sell cheap acrylic for hairy, itch scarves.
There is a great wee wool shop in the city suburbs, strangely near the quilt shop and I suppose I will be heading there tomorrow. I might even call into the quilt shop to see what's new. Or as we say here, to see what the craic is.

Helen x
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Friday, 11 November 2016

Mrs Coulter's Feeling For Snow

One of the main goals I listed in the last quarter of the Finish A Long, was to finish my Snowflake Shimmer Quilt, from Yvonne's quilt a long. I got as far as the basting, but my main priority then switched to finishing the #behemoth, which really was my main priority all along.

The weather had definitely taken a dip the last few days, there was snow in Glasgow the other day. I know, Glasgow is in Scotland, I am in N Ireland, but Glasgow is a near neighbour, just across a little bit to the right and up a bit. What they get first we follow with soon after.

We have house guests the first weekend in December, and that is my target finish date, getting ever closer. So, to make a start.

The advantage of quilting after everybody else, is that I got to see what others' have done (here). Whilst not setting out to deliberately copy one specific quilter, I'll take a little bit from everybody. I really like the way Elm Street Quilts quilted the outer parameters of her quilt, so I've borrowed that idea. I have quilted the blue in the top left corner with straight lines, 1" apart. When I do the right hand top corner, these will cross hatch nicely at the top.

I'm using the same variegated quilting thread as in #behemoth. In fact I finished that spool of YLI quilting thread, and forgot to take note of the number when I went shopping to replace it. The new thread is slightly more teal. That's ok, it will all blend in together.

 The plan was this morning to quilt this right hand corner, but I was at a Naked Wine Tasting last night and had a little lie in this morning. That's right, a naked wine tasting, but I think I was mis sold on the description. Everybody I saw had even had their coats on! We finished up having fish and chips in Michael Dean's restaurant at nearly 11pm, which seemed rather surreal. Strangely, we were able to get a table at that time of the night, the window table no less. We arrived home well after 1am and I actually thought my watch had stopped!

Helen x
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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Behemoth - Ready To Cross The Irish Sea

Away long ago in the lands of myths and legends, in the land of saints and scholars, there lived a creature called #thebehemoth. This creature was a legend in his own lunchtime. He, for he was definitely a "he" in this land of he, she, it and gender non specific, had started off as a spark in his sewer's imagination, and had grown to a whopping monster with a life of his own. Now his maker had done all that she could, or all that she could be bothered to do, and he was ready to head off on his own adventure.

Ready to head off across the ocean, or rather the Irish Sea. Ready to head off to what we in N'Orn Ireland call "The Mainland". Ready to head off to the south coast of England, to begin his new life on the bed of the newly weds. Hopefully to have a long life and be much loved and wanted by generations of English families.

Stop. That's all getting a little ridiculous.

Basically I have finished my quilt for son and daughter in law. I have been at this quilt for 10 months, longer than my son was in my womb when I think about it! Again I digress.

Back in December last year I ordered up a load of plain kona fabric from Fluffy Sheep Quilting in all shades of blue, with the thoughts of making a quilt of half square triangles as a wedding present. When Miss C looked at the fabrics, she seemed more drawn towards the blue with a greenish tone. Now, we are a blue family, think Chelsea football club blue, but we can incorporate new ideas. So cue more fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting and The Village Haberdashery.

After ten months sewing this is what we ended up with.
ta da!

We went along the coast to try and get some dramatic photos but it was rather windy. I have some great photos of my husband quilt wrangling in the wind, but he is rather shy and likes his privacy apparently.

 Anyhow, here's some more photos taken at Portrush on our Atlantic coast. Next stop America! Well, after you stop for a cup of tea in Donegal further along the coast.


My book friend, @lizwinifred called today, with some more books for me. She's tall and makes an excellent quilt holder. Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't go into the garden, but she did a great job in holding up the quilt with my husband.

Luckily Liz is not so shy, and is happy to appear in my photo!

Just to test run it, I laid it out on our bed, and see ~ it fits!

I hope my son and daughter, ~ Dr P and Mrs C enjoy their wedding quilt which just coincides with their first home purchase. I could go all schmaltzy about made with love and long life and love, but that's not my style.

 I hope it keeps them warm and cosy. That will do.

Helen x
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ps for those who like detail, the quilt is exactly 80" square.
pps apologies for the long post, but its been a long time comin'

Thursday, 3 November 2016

I Have To Keep These, Though I Don't Know Why

Ever since I discovered the existence of Throwback Thursday I have been thinking about these quilts. I sometimes refer to Throwback Thursday as Throw Up Thursday, in this case it should maybe be Throw Out Thursday. ~ But how could I? These quilts, if they can be called quilts, have their own stories to tell. Not great photos, but its raining today, and I cant wait to share these with you.

Twin Quilts for My Twin Boys

My twin sons are 30 years old this year, when they went into big beds, I really wanted to make them a quilt each for their beds. I liked the idea that the quilts could be snuggly at bedtime, but also play props. And, lets be honest, I liked the idea of cutting up fabric and sewing it all together again, even then. The problem was I really didn't know how to do this.

Our "posh" department store at that time was Anderson & McAuley, and in I trekked to the fabric department, having left the children with Nana. For some weird reason I remember it was a Thursday and I was very secretive about what shopping I wanted to do. My late mother in law was a wiz with a needle, but I was doing this for myself as the song says. The lady in the shop asked rather imperiously how much fabric I wanted. First hurdle, I didn't know. I remember buying a half metre of each of the red and blue sailing fabric. The imperious shop assistant told me rather imperiously that there was never fabric for there for 2 patchwork quilts. I remember feeling rather snubbed, but it was £7.50 and  was all my humble purse could stretch to.

The sailing boat quilt was the first I tackled. As you can see not a scrap was wasted, four blocks across and 7 blocks down, and the remaining fabric used in the corners. She was right, this was never going to go around two quilts! The stripe was some stripe shirting my mother in law had. The navy was part of a duvet cover my brother and his wife no longer wanted. 

quilt for twin no 1

 The striped backing was a remnant from goodness knows where. Though I do remember buying it for £1.75. I clearly didn't know how to bind a quilt, I seem to have made an envelope and turned it the right way out. There is also no quilting at all, which why the wadding  has come part in places.

backing of quilt no 1

Twin no 1 was delighted, and the pressure was on for twin no 2. This time I bought some navy fabric with compasses and anchors on them. I think it may have been proper patchwork fabric, but the colour hasn't held the test of time. It is very faded. I got a little more ambitious in this quilt and seem to have sewn triangles, the red triangles have little bits sewn together! Waste not want not! I spot a little green and white check which means the laura Ashley quilt I made for our own bed must have been sewn first before these. So these are the second and third quilts I made, not first and second as I said in instagram, if anybody is keeping track. The blue and white stripe is more of that duvet cover from my sister in law.
quilt for twin no 2

And guess what? I have a blue polka dot on the back! There begins the habit of a life time, using spotty fabric somewhere in the backing or the binding. Again there is no sign of me having bound this quilt, just sewed it up wrong side and turned it out. The red strip on the front was a later addition, it was falling apart and it was just a way of patching it.

backing of quilt no 2

As you can see these quilts were well loved, they were used on picnics for sitting on, for making forts, dens, pirate ships, you name it they had a part of it. Eventually they were deemed too shabby for bed and probably too childish. I was given instructions to keep them, by the boys themselves. They were finished with them, but it was too much of a wrench to throw them out.

I'm glad I kept them. Having gone up to the roofspace to look for them, the years and fallen away. And seriously, I can actually smell the little boy smell from them. They lovely little boy smell, not the unlovely teenage boy smell. 

The other weird thing is that I remember all the prices! It did seem such a big deal at the time.

Now, what will I do with them? Do you think my new daughter in law would like this in her house? I doubt it!

Helen x
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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Geese Are Sailing Too Close To The Sun

To mix my metaphors, rather like Mrs Malaprop, my flying geese have sailed too close to the wind.

I have been close to the wind before, but rarely, if indeed never late. I was "nearly done" the week before last. Big mistake to leave it to the end of this week, something cropped up as it seems to these days. Then I was away for the weekend and lo and behold, it was the 31 October.

Imagine the horror, it was Halloween night or All Saints Hallow or whatever way you choose to call the 31 October. The fright night caused me to scream. My flying geese had gone the way of evil. Which witch's familiar had cast this evil spell?

My geese were white, and my sky black.
My geese should have been black and my sky white.

So, I stepped away from the geese, had my tea (Slimming world beef curry recipe) and watched Hocus Pocus with my daughter. Proper family time. Today I started again and the evil spirit had gone. The geese are black and the sky is if not blue, then the correct shade of white. Strangely I saw a black cat today sitting looking in my front door window. Coincidence or what?

Cheryl asked us for 9 flying geese, 8 black geese, and 1 bright coloured goose. Either solid colours or tone on tone was ok. Still in a state of love with solids, I of course picked solids and chose a hot pink for the contrast goose. I had already decided to make Cheryl extra geese, she was very generous when it was my turn as queen Bee. Because of time restraints today, I made the contrast goose in hot pink for both flights, what was totally accidental was that the contrast was sewn in the same position!

I  have also decided to send Cheryl the wrong way round geese too. She can maybe use it in the backing.

So, these geese will be in flight across the Atlantic over the next few days to Cheryl. A little late, but hopefully useful all the same. I'm back from the dark side!

Helen x

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Crushing on Blowing Bubbles

Now I have finished the #behemoth, I know, a couple more loose threads, and two or three more bits of quilting. As I was saying, now I have finished the #behemoth apart from photographing and blogging.

Anyway, as I was saying, now I have finished the #behemoth, I can have a look around at some of my other projects. Oh yes, I am a woman of many parts. Way back in January I signed up to #bubblebee2 organised by Celine and designed by Aylin-nilya These bubble blocks are basically a new format of log cabin blocks, foundation pieced and positioned to form a circle. Easy. In reality, they are FOUNDATION PIECED and use teeny tiny pieces of fabric to make the logs. The hardest part is matching up the four blocks to make the circle and ensuring they meet the 15 1/2" target.

To date I have received 9 blocks, well, received 8 blocks and made 1 myself. I think this is my "main crush" for this week.

I will introduce you to my block, its the top right hand block. The one not sewn together, that has the paper still attached and is delicately tinted with spilled coffee. Left like this deliberately .... Well, left that way in a fit of self loathing and disgust originally. Now I have left it until I see all the blocks in total. When I unpick the coffee strips, I might "float the bubble" to the left or right or centre it. All technical terms.   Depending on width and position of the final strips, the bubble can be left in the centre, a sort of bubble vanilla.  The bubble block can be vanilla or moved around the block depending on the position of the outside blocks.

The finished size of the block is to be 15 1/2". I wish I had realised that it was not written in stone. The first few blocks I made, came up slightly shy of the size. I unpicked and resewed, alternatively swearing under my breath and blinking away the tears. As for the ones I have received a little shy, that's ok, I can sew another bit on the side. Que Sera, Que Sera.

I have a plan for this quilt. I have 2 more blocks to come, hopefully. There has been a high drop out rate in this bee, probably because they seem to be difficult to do. Honestly, the more you make, the easier they get. Anyhow, 2 more blocks will make 11 blocks in total. I think that a grid of 4 x 4 blocks will make a nice size. That will be about 60" square or so before quilting. That leaves 5 more blocks for me to make, or maybe persuade someone to swap an extra block. And I have seen the perfect backing fabric in the local Aladdin and his genie fabric shop. Anybody local knows the one I mean. It is a cheaper version of the skull candy fabric I have seen used elsewhere. Will be perfect for backing this, and of course a spot for the binding. The front is so understated, I think it can cope with a fun backing.

And here is a block I finished earlier, the block for Brandy this month which will be winging its way across the ocean soon.

And the block from last month for Laura, which winged its way across last month.

Next year I think I will be concentrating on specific swaps, quilt a longs  and finishing up wip rather than bees. Think how much money I will save in postage!

Helen x
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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Spot The Difference

Can you spot the difference?
exhibit A

exhibit B

Yes! I have sewn down all the binding. It sewed down remarkably over a couple of evenings watching the tv. I actually quite enjoy the hand sewing, and the sense of fulfilment gained when those last few stitches are put in. 

the first stitch!
the last stitch of the binding!
All I have to do now, is to get some decent photos. When my quilt holder came for her tea today, it was very overcast. The heavy rain clouds didn't break but then it got dark quite quickly. The nights are fair drawing in as they say.

If I say we are going to buy a new Dyson this week, and I might get photos then, that probably sounds nonsensical. I want to take some photos by the sea, after all this quilt reminds me of sea glass. By chance the electrical shop is near some dramatic coastline. So, here's hoping. Good weather, and plenty of time, and I should have some photos soon.

Trust me, this has made a big dent in my stash. No stash in this week. Would you believe I want some more of the aqua spot? We went to buy some the other day but got held up. Did you notice the pronoun there? Yes, "we". Perhaps fabric shopping may become a maritial activity.

Helen x
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

And Now The End Is Near - The Happy Version

And now the end is near ....

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

Yes there were times I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew....

I've loved, I've laughed, I've cried....

The records show I took the blows
And did it my way.

With apologies to Frank Sinatra my end is near. Or rather the end of the #behemoth, the artist formerly known as the #coulterweddingquilt.

As of today the binding is on. All that remains now is to slip stitch the binding on the backside, bury my ends and maybe do a little more quilting. It is difficult to see when enough quilting was enough. I thought if I actually finished it and laid it on a bed, then I could tell. To be honest I am not actually sure that the quilting looks as it did in my head. Quilting is not my forte. I'm hoping I'll lay it out and go, yes, that's it.

As I used the dark blue spotty binding in the rear of  Snowflake Shimmer, I called in to the Paragon and to buy some more. Some things are meant to be. Not only did I get parked right at the door, but I saw a sea glass blue green spot in this Rose and Hubble fabric. This was waiting for me. It was meant to be. I'll have a metre of that, thanks very much.

I had toyed as well with the idea of scrappy binding. In retrospect that would be too fussy. This aqua marine blue green, blue is perfect.

Whilst I was there, I spotted another tiny blue star fabric. Tiny blue stars look a little like snowflakes on a shimmery night. My Snowflake Shimmer's backing is a little short top and bottom, rather like myself. A metre of it found its way into my bag too. And you never know, there might be enough left for the binding.

No there's not! I trimmed the top and bottom down, so it looked like a deliberate band top and bottom, not just that the fabric didn't reach. You see, I have done this before. I added in the aqua spot as well, I still need a little more. This Snowflake Shimmer is bigger than it looks. You know what? I don't think there is enough left for the binding. The ladies in the Paragon will be asking me to come to their Christmas Staff lunch.

So, that was my stash in and my stash out, all in the one weekend. My other totally selfish purchase was I downloaded Lucy, The Charm About You, stitchy pie needle case. It's really sweet, there have been some lovely versions appearing in blogland, both fabric and embroidered.

In the meantime, again back to Lucy. I have made a few more Liberty hexie circles. I tend to make these on a Saturday night, watching tv en duo and joining in with #Saturdaynightcraftalong with Lucy and The Charm About You.  I  think I have about 30 or so of these now. It must soon be time to start putting them together. I have my Liberty stash all stuffed in a small clear plastic bag, I know, sacrilege. I still have some fabrics I haven't hexied. (is that a word?)

It's a busy week between one thing and another, so probably not as much done as planned. I'm fairly sure now that the #behemoth won't be finished by Wednesday as planned. I wanted to show it off to my aunts and uncles on Wednesday. This little Miss Show Off will have to content herself.

All the best,
Helen x
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Mr Cool, and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot - Ta Da

We have a finish! We had a finish at the end of August, I just haven't blogged about it. Hinted about it but not blogged about it. You see, timing and organisation was never my strong point and apparently when you blog about a finish is of prime importance. You want maximum exposure, not a time when readers are off doing other things. I don't have a regular  timetable for blogging, Sunday is Sunday Stash, Monday is Main Crush Monday. Apparently Friday is Thank Goodness Its Finished Friday, but I have been busy the last few Fridays. Yes, I know, you can schedule publications. This is hosted by a different quilter each Friday. This week it is the turn of The Carpenter's Daughter Who Quilts.


We have a finish! We have two finishes both together!

Way back in 2014 I joined my first bee. It was MQI (modern quilters Ireland) and I picked a really bold and more importantly, easy block for my first tutorial. I had earlier seen this in the Bee Blessed blog and it really appealed to me. By 2015 I had all my blocks in. The MQI is quite relaxed! The plan was always to divide them into two and make enough extra blocks myself to make quilts for our sun loungers in the garden. You see, I don't like the rough feel of the canvas coverings against my little toes and heels. I tend to put a quilt under my delicate little tootsies. I was all for simply dividing the blocks into two equal piles. Enter my style directors. My niece was up to visit and likes to be creative at Auntie Helen's house. Out came all the blocks. The niece and the daughter decided they were better divided into hot and cold colours, and Mr Cool and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot were born. I was a little worried about writing blogposts about Mrs Hot. It might drive up my visitor numbers but under a false impression! I'm at that hot, hot, hot stage, so Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot it was.

Of course Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot was finished first. In fact it may have been finished in 2015. I promised faithfully Mr Cool would be soon after. The months went past. A whole year went past. As mentioned before, for some inexplicable reason my husband will not take ownership of something until it is completely finished. I was happy for him to use it before it was bound. I was more than happy for him to use it before all the ends were sewn in. But no, he just says, take it away and bring it back when its finished. He knows me too well. When I looked at the back of Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot none of the underneath threads were sewn in! Here it is sneaked out, but not bound.

My promised delivery date was this summer. So, on the last day of summer, the August bank holiday, the quilt was formerly handed over. Luckily we had a great September, so he did get some use of it.

Here are a few more gratuitous photos of the finishes.

And Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot in beside the hot colours, our fuschias and lilies.

And Mr Cool beside the hydrangea and the white roses.
Even Ronald our wooden head approves.

And a quilt is not just for summer. They have migrated into the living room, over the back of the sofa. His and hers matching quilts for the cold nights watching tv, and occasionally shared with  a daughter.

We planted up our cyclamens in our auricular theatre, or more commonly called "the Wardrobe". Everybody needs a little Narnia in their life. The sun was shining and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot just seemed to calling to go into the garden again.

Thanks to everybody in that first ever bee. And thanks to Cindy who asked me to join. Just breathe she said. Well, I breathed and I survived to tell the tale.

Helen x
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