Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pavlov's Dog and Quilting

Like Pavlov's dog I am now conditioned. Last week I learnt how to successfully piece the back of a quilt and like Pavlov's dog I will do this every time I hear the whistle, or hear the bell or whatever it is Pavlov uses to train his dog.

This week I am backing the Shimmer Snowflake quilt in Yvonne's quilt-a-long. And this time I jumped at the chance to piece the backing. The front of the quilt is very restrained, it is ok to go a bit mad in the back. Its good for the backside to be a feature.

So, "stash in" this week  was the dark blue shower of hail, from the Paragon in Belfast. Cheap and cheerful Aladdin's cave of a shop. I think I have bought that Rose and Hubble spot in nearly every colour.

I found a length of fabric at home in pale blue with a star on it. I thought the star looked a little  like a snowflake, so that's good. What seemed like a meter had a big chunk cut out of it. This snowflake quilt is bigger than it seems, the backing still wasn't big enough. The half meter of pale blue spot for binding the #behemoth was called into play here too.

I had also added in a long strip, both long ways and cross ways of offcuts of the front fabrics. I also added in some rocket fabric. Well, I have to, it is a quilting jet girl quilt-a-long after all. This is some fabric Yvonne herself had previously sent me, so it is somehow appropriate to incorporate it.

If I was being hyper critical I would say the white to bulk out the star strip should be in line with the stripe. Call it lack of planning, or benefit of hindsight.   Life isn't perfect and neither is the backing. Good to live outside the box!  In our scrapbooking group, we joke about being matchy matchy in our outfits. Always a danger in the middle aged woman, matchy matchy. Not a good look.

Of course this morning the sun shone, but once again I couldn't get a perfect photo. Every time I went to snap, the wind blew the whirly bird round. I wish I had my old straight line back. Yet by some strange thing, once I hung out the bed sheets, the wind dropped and the rain started again.
 Once again I will leave you with some more gratuitous photos of trying to photograph a quilt back.

I won't promise I will have this quilted for Yvonne's link up. In fact I know I won't. You may notice I still have the bottom right hand corner to piece, and the whole backing is narrow by about 10". I need to go shopping in my stash again. I have some donated blue paisley fabric, but I'm not sure about it, not matchy matchy enough. I have however started quilting the #behemoth. It is more pressing. It is also a ton weight. I will definitely be weighing  this - Wahey!

Another excellent example of Pavlov's dog is that Sunday night means its time for me to write a blog post and sign up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash whilst I multi task by watching Poldark. I don't do it every week, but it sort of marks the weekend and beginning of a new week.

Helen x
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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Who Stole My Daylight?

I thought as you hadn't seen this quilt, oh, for at least two days, I would update on the progress. I did get caught rather on the hop with the end of summer/beginning of autumn thing. I left the quilt out for my husband to take a photo when my quilt holder came for Sunday dinner. We had Sunday dinner, watched the Great British Bake Off on tv, and who stole all the daylight? Hence the rather dark indoor photos. Who wants to be a professional blogger anyway?

The Front

On Friday night, I had the house to myself so I cleared as big a space as I could and pin basted the #behemoth. I didn't use my basting spray. It seems to leave a tackiness everywhere just not on the quilt. Sometimes the spray is too quick acting. Everything all sticks together before I get my wrinkles smoothed out. I am happy enough with how it has basted. I have used every safety pin in the house. If I can, I will buy some more to make it as stable as possible.

The Backside, Can You Spot the Stripe Down the Side?
One thing for sure, this quilt is a ton weight. It will have to be hand delivered, not posted. The airfare will undoubtedly be less than the Royal Mail charges. We quilt holders struggled to hold it up whilst the photographer sized up the I phone.

Quilt Wrangling

Quilt Wrangling is a Family Sport

I have also, this week, finished piecing the shimmer snowflake quilt in Yvonne's quilt a long. Those photos are for another day.

No stash in unfortunately. We were in London last week with friends. A whistle stop tour of "our" London, the Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Revolution exhibition (brilliant). Camden Market, great for vinyl and male bonding, Chelsea Physic Garden, the Garrick Theatre to see Kenneth Branagh in The Entertainer, but no fabric buying. I had intended to go top up my Liberty fix in Shaukat, but didn't make it during opening hours. Peeked in the window when it was shut though.  Cheap shopping.

The Natural History Museum

Helen x
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What Did The Fox Say?

I say, I say, I say. When is an 1hr basket not an 1hr basket?
Every flipping time you make one!

The #mqisummerswap for this year was to be the 1hr basket, designed by Kelbysews. The 1hr basket, is as the name indicates, a quick and easy make. Most of us I think found it took more than 1 hr, it was referred to at times as the many hours basket and the not 1 hr basket. My first basket took me a couple of days, but having mastered the make, a plain basket could certainly be made in 1 hr or so.

 I had pretended not to notice the mqi (modern quilters Ireland) swap was underway. Between the Euros, a wedding, a wedding quilt and so on and so on the last thing I needed was to sign up for a swap. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I am as susceptible to flattery as the next person and Aideenol contacted me to ask would I not take part! And so I did.

In fact I made two.

My swappee, Dawneika (what a lovely name) had posted her mosaic. She featured a basket with a fox face and mentioned she loved Heather Ross fabric. Now, I had some HR fabric and I like foxes so that was us sorted. My first practice fox was in a small green floral, similar to my orange HR fabric.
It was ok but slightly squinty. If I squeezed my eyes, they looked straight enough.

So, I moved on to the orange HR fabric. A bit like in Little Red Riding Hood Mr Fox's eyes were a little big. A bit less what big eyes you have grandma and more of  a ghost fox. Whooooooo!

Next up, make a plan. I drew out a rough plan of a fox face and started again, again with the orange HR fabric. This was do or die. Having sketched out a rough fox the sewing started again. And strangely, this time it was more successful. In case you are wondering, the fox on the right is the one I used.

Next up to make the basket. Having learned from the prototype I decided to use the green fox first to make the basket. The basket itself is easy enough and fun to make. Instead of buying the iron on stuff for making bags I used a fleece blanket from IKEA. By the time it is quilted it does ok, and I do love a gratuitous visit to IKEA.

 Having mastered this, I made a second basket with Mr Orange Fox and I was reasonably pleased with the end result. If I was being hyper critical I would reposition the fox. I wanted him to be off centre, but he looks just a bit to the left (or maybe the right) rather than off centre.

After completion, in an email conversation with Ruth, my great mqi mentor, I remembered I actually have a pattern for Elizabeth Hartman's fox block!

So, Mr Fox has wung (winged) his way to California along with another fat quarter of the orange Heather Ross fabric and two toning turquoise blue zips and some matching embroidery thread. I didn't photograph these. Contrary to what my daughter thinks, I am not attached to my phone.

So - What Did The Fox Say?

If you don't know, check out this youtube link to a Norwegian band called Ylvis. The video is brilliant. You will be bopping all over the kitchen before you know it. Let me know if you did. By some weird licensing thing if you can't work the link, just google "what did the fox say".

This morning I was delighted to get my basket!

My basket was made by the lovely Louise Mullan. Louise and I were in the mqi bee last year, so it was a bonus that I "know" Louise.

I love my grey basket with the flying geese and my matching pincushion and the extra fabrics. Thank you Louise.

And thank you Aideenol and Cindy for organising.

Helen x

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Two Sides of A Quilt

Last week I made myself a promise, to tackle the #behemoth from the rear. A quilt has two sides, a front and a back. And a middle, the squishy bit. Rather like ourselves, a front face, a backside and a rather squishy middle. Or like me in any case. I should in my own case be paying attention to my middle but I am concentrating on the backside of the #behemoth.

As I said last week, in my #bravequilter post, I love the interest and creativity of a pieced backing. There is nothing more boring than a plain backing with minimal quilting. Now a plain backing with intricate quilting is a thing of beauty, but my quilting hasn't reached that standard ... yet. I have got over the fear that the pieced backing looks a bit poor mouth, as it did way back in my first quilting adventures in  the 1990s and so I decided to embrace the #behemoth and jump straight in.

My backing is still in two parts. But be patient. The sum of the parts is the whole.

And this is the first part, bobbing in a gentle breeze in the sunshine on Sunday.

I had a few blocks made early on which didn't make the cut. This was mostly because they were bigger blocks with a predominance of white. As the sea glass tones took over the quilt, the white became rather a distraction. Funny how it evolved like that, in the original concept the white was to be the unifying colour between the blues and greens.

I decided to use these large blocks in the back  with the origami fabric I had chosen for  backing. I had bought what was left on the  roll from Cindy, Fluffy Sheep Quilting in Galway. I had thought it might need to be supplemented, but the quilt is a bit bigger than was originally planned. 

I also got a little carried away making the flying geese, a previous #bravequilter challenge I set myself.

This next photo is of the other side of the other side. Again taken on Sunday, and not quite completed but as it was yesterday afternoon.

I had a little spare time this morning and decided to finish off. Remember the generations of women for whom Monday morning was housework? Not in this house. This is what feminism is all about. Sewing instead of hovering!

 I had previously sewn some of the trimmed off blue half square triangles  into two blocks. I sewed these together and just added and cut and added and cut. I love fabric play like this. Its the grown up version of a toddler cutting  and sticking bits of paper on a blank sheet. This strip was topped and tailed with more origami.

My not very good photo was taken today in the blustery wind and rain. No juvenile jokes place about blustery wind and backsides. We are not at home to Mr Smutty as I used to say to my twin sons.
Apologies for the dodgy photos.

Now, I am assuming when I sew these two halves together they will be approximately the same length. I am also assuming that when the sandwich is made, this new backing will be the approximate  length and width. There is a distinct possibility there may be some more cutting and sewing. I just hope I don't "lose" any good bits.

So, the games afoot  as Sherlock Holmes says. Hopefully towards the end of the week I will begin to wrestle with the quilting. Quilt Wrangling. Should this be an Olympic sport?

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Houston, We Have A Problem

Houston, we have a problem, or the UK equivalent, Mr Mainwaring, Don't Panic!

This is the last day, the last few hours of the Shimmer Snowflake Quilt A Long link up no 4. The pressure is on. I nearly made a completed finish for the link up.

Here's my photo, warts and all. We have a little problem, but it will get sorted.

I decided this week to piece the backing for #behemoth, practice what I said in my last post and get a move on with completing the now post wedding quilt. I thought I would multi task. As I chain pieced each bit of the backing, I chain pieced each numbered block or strip of the Snowflake Shimmer. You see, I numbered them with post its, I was trying.  That was Wednesday.

Thursday flew past in a flurry of hospital visiting to my dad so a no snow, sorry no sew day. Today is Friday and the last day of the link up. We had an appointment this morning, lunch out with the daughter who had a day off. Then we were on a heritage bus tour of Belfast, it is Heritage Weekend here. Then home for tea and out again for the daily hospital visit to dad and to do the shopping. In between I sewed together my strips of Snowflake Shimmer.

Now I am home and I have laid them out on the floor. Nearly completed.

Quilting Jet Girl, we have a problem.

I have omitted sewing the 8.5 x 8.5" block on the end of one row. Easy fixed. I have a bit waiting.

I seem to have forgotten to piece one row.
Not so easy. I seem to have run out of pieces of background fabric. I realise now it is because I have a piece which is too long sewn on an earlier row. For the purposes of this photo, it is tucked underneath
Easy, move this longer strip onto this lower row.
Now, where is the "bit" for this higher row?
I don't think I have strips of Kona left.
Tomorrow is another day.

For now I have a solution.
I'll have a gin and tonic and watch my Gardener's World program on TV.
For those who like to know these things, the gin is Lakes gin, distilled in the Lake District, England.
The tonic is Fevertree tonic. Very nice.

My husband is curious as to why I am making another quilt when I am currently making one. Apparently that's what happen to dictators. They decide one country isn't enough. He also asked why I was knitting another scarf for myself when I knitted a nice cowl too years ago! After 32 years, I'd think he'd realise.

Tomorrow is another day, my dad spotted this rainbow out his hospital window and asked us to take a photo. That's a good sign.

All the best,
Helen x
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Update  - just missed the linkup. Ah well. Not to panic Mr Mainwaring.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Being a Brave Quilter and Growing my Creativity

I read a couple of days ago about Lucy's creative process and her link up with Collette of Poppy and Poochie "How to Grow Your Creativity" series. Leaving aside any feelings of wanting to express my creativity (?) and how I go about it, I wanted to support Lucy and Collette. And here's why:

 I have always been creative through one way or another from childhood, my favourite Girl Guide badges were the making ones. When my children were small I joined  a patchwork and quilting class. I went for many years but eventually got fed up. I realise in hindsight my creativity was stifled but I would have thought that was too pretentious to say. There  then passed several years where I dabbled with different crafts but still felt drawn back to sewing.

Then came my epiphany - my sewing comeback.  I read blogs before I even lifted a needle, I was interested in the blogging process. It was reading blogs and discovering the online sewing community that helped bring me back to sewing. One of the first blogs I read was Lucy, The Charm About You.  I loved her chatty way and felt so inspired by a feather quilt she made from Anne Marie Horner fabrics. You can check it out here. I really felt I wanted to be part of this again.

So, I wrote my first blog post in 2013 and I had to sew because I wrote the blog post and enjoyed the writing process.  Remarkably Collette was one of my first followers. Up until then I could track every single follower I had, and trust me they were single followers. It was only when I read Lucy's post I realised who Collette is. At last.

So my creativity. Or my making a mess as it is often referred to. If I don't have something on the go I feel as if part of me is missing. It is important for me to make time in the day for my making things. My ideas also tend to evolve as I go along.

 I am not claiming any great originality here. I began using complete lines of fabric and following someone else's idea but changing it to my own taste. Generally because I have cut the fabric wrong and have to fudge it.

 I don't write patterns and make waves in the design world. What I can do is look at something that somebody else has made somewhere and do my own version of it, but I do think I have my individual look. I can copy a photo much better than I can follow a list of written instructions. I fluster when bombarded with numbers.  I sew much the same way I cook. I end up with an approximation of the meal in the recipe.

I have found being in a Bee great for my creativity. When it comes to my turn, I have generally been inspired by something I have seen online. We have to remember there is no such thing as an original idea no matter what people think. Pretty much every sewing block has been done by someone before.
I never pretend to have written this whole new concept but I do write my own instructions and give it my own twist whilst crediting the original idea, like my Polaroid blocks. Last year I saw the scandibee on IG were making polaroid blocks. They very kindly allowed me to link to them, and I did give them full credit them but I wrote my own plan and had my own ideas on it. And if you're thinking you haven't seen much of this, yes its another wip.

I think this is why I enjoyed Le Challenge so much, sadly missed. Lucy and Nathalie set a challenge and we made accordingly. I loved thinking outside the box and seeing what I came up with. I just needed that push to start me off. I think my favourite was my prawns walking across a lettuce leaf which was inspired by the saying "the rising sun". You can read about them if you like!

Now I find myself flexing my creative muscles, I am less influenced by others and more feeling my own way. Like in my Behemoth Wedding Quilt. I had a vague end concept and went for it. No plan, no sketches, just an idea in my head.

I need to stretch myself, I have a low boredom threshold so Le Challenge has been replaced for me by The Brave Quilter. Julie of  Pink Doxies fame challenges us to face our sewing fears or extend our creativity. For me in September my brave quilter challenge is to think of my backside differently. I love to see the backs of quilts that are pieced. But, there is a little bit of me thinks, I bet they just ran out of fabric. Well, so what, they probably did run out of fabric.

 And so in September I am going to piece the back of the Behemoth... yes I don't have enough backing. And, so what? It was meant to be like this all along. It is currently on the back of my dining chair to make me "do something" with it. And I'm going to use up those squares I made early on in the process that didn't work as the quilt progressed.

Well, I hope you are not too bored by all this rambling on. Thanks for staying with me.

Helen x

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Week of Oxymorons

This has been a week of oxymorons. I have been busy yet I have done very little, yet I seem to have had a productive week. Oxymoron is one of my favourite words, I love the way it sounds.
Ox Y Moron
It rolls beautifully round the tongue.
Its meaning is rather like a meaning of life, no, not 42 ... but rather two contradictory things simultaneously. Sharp and dull. Busy and bored. Nothing done yet productive.

My loved one is still in hospital so I have been driving everyday to a hospital in a different city. This is only N Ireland, it is not as far away as it sounds. There has not been much time or energy for anything else. No day trips, long walks yet I have finished one quilt, tidied up another and made progress on a couple of other things. Now, that's an oxymoron.

I have finished Mr Cool!! I actually thought it was finished last week, but Mr Cool asked it be properly finished before being officially handed over to him. He knows me too well. These quilts are intended to be sat on in the garden, not sat under. When I looked at the back of the completed complementary Mrs Hot Hot Hot I saw that most of the underneath threads were unburied. That is now rectified. This photo is just a teaser, Mr Cool is peeking out from the background of our indoor sofa.  Mr Cool is out pursuing his football team, again. Tomorrow I hope to get some garden photos.

The sewing my stash continues, I have made good progress on my Shimmer Snowflake Quilt in Quilting Jet Girl's quilt a long. No photos today, but I hope to piece together this week. All my squares in a square are trimmed and ready to go, even the ones that didn't measure up and were corrected. All the rectangles are labelled and in a neat pile. Not like me to be so organised.

Our not having any day trips last week was a day spent at a local beer festival, at Hilden Brewery.  I last went there 30 years ago. I may have been pregnant or had two tiny babies. In any case, I wasn't drinking, was very tired and found it a long day. My husband remembered he had to get the car out of the tight parking space so the non drinker could drive home! This time I was neither pregnant, had small children nor was driving. We have discovered the train and this time out I had a great day out. We found a table in front of the main stage and really didn't leave it for the next 8 hours.

 We also popped into the Mac in Belfast to see the David Hockney exhibition, I Draw, I Do. If you live in the UK and this winds its way past you... go. Its great. Although David Hockney is probably most famous for his Californian swimming pool paintings, I love his portraits, all using the same dining chair.

A little shopping may have taken place this week. I nipped into town with the daughter to buy a pattern to make a straight skirt. We had the perfect pattern before, but I have "mislaid" it. We went to buy the same pattern but bought a flippy skirt this time. Hopefully the violet flowered Liberty fabric bought at the start of the summer will by some miracle turn into a flippy floppy skirt.

And here's the Tula Free Spirit I bought last week.

Look it matches the Tula Free Spirit I got from Lucy the Charm About You in June when she paid it forward to me. Now it will be my turn to pay it forward, I will blog about this last week.

Helen x
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Monday, 29 August 2016

Not Yet Ready For Mr Cool

Here it is again, I hear you cry into your beer. This old quilt she's be dragging out for weeks, no month, maybe even a year. I wisely finished my quilt, for Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot some time ago and have enjoyed it over the summer. A quilt is not just for winter you know. Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot drapes invitingly over my sun lounger and protects my delicate little tootsies from the rough cotton. Mr Cool has been waiting for his quilt, quite some time now.

It had commented on it would be nice to have the quilt before the summer ended, so my new flexible deadline was August 29th, the UK bank holiday. And today is the day. By 11 am this morning the quilt was quilted and just needed the threads buried and the binding done.

I proudly produced the goods. Ta da! We have a finish, almost.

Well, I was gently asked if I could finish the quilt off before offering it to the world. This is not as hard hearted as it seems. Nobody knows me better than my husband, my soul mate, my friend. He knows if he takes the quilt it will never be finished. My original Laura Ashley fabric quilt was on the bed for a couple of years as a flimsy before finishing. If I had known there was actually a word for an unfinished quilt, flimsy, it may have been even longer.

As of 9pm tonight, I have the binding on, I used my favourite go to fabric for binding, a Rose and Hubble spot. I chose a really pale blue for its icy look. I always feel a rush of excitement when I cut it.

Whilst I was buying it this afternoon, I bought the wadding for the #behemoth. No slacking here. It also seems our local (ish) cheap and cheerful fabric shop is extending its quilting fabric range. I got some lovely free spirit fabric too at a good price. Probably end of range but that doesn't bother me.

Next time you see this quilt the threads should hopefully be buried, and the binding sewn over. If not there's always next summer. In a day or so, there should be only one quilt in the "waiting to be quilted" station of the back of the chair.

And there's a bonus, I bought a metre of the spot so there should be enough for the binding on the #behemoth too.

Helen x
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Leaving A Paper Trail ..

This last month seems to have been all about the paper. The Bubbles Bee 2 is foundation piecing every month. I have finally mastered it, now in month 8. And Stash Bee Hive 6 was foundation piecing too this month. All the practice in Bubble Bee has prepared me well. And just for a final input, Donna of the Patchwork Gardener and I swapped 20 Liberty hexies.

Mikaela wanted any colour for her Bubble, any colour but only one colour. I decided to use a teal/blue hue. I seem to have lots of that at the minute, some from the wedding quilt. Luckily Mikaela said she had been hoping for that colour.... aren't these bee sewing people lovely?

Next up was Jen's paper pieced bee square. I  have a little difficulty with my printer printing to 100%. Who would think there was difference between printing 100% and print to size? My lovely work friend Miss F sorted that for me. I realise now that is how my Wanta Fanta blocks weren't quite right size for Karma Willow earlier in the year.

I made the four blocks very quickly and sewed them altogether. Oops, they were sewn into a square rather than an X.

They were quickly unpicked and sewn into an X. The photo is just before I sewed them.

Then I noticed that some bees had a square, some had an X. Apparently Jen wants the four components left unsewn for her to play with.  I have sent her two x two. This will still give her enough to play about with, without weakening the seams by unpicking. I have also learnt to make my foundation piecing slightly large circumference cutting line. This gives room for error in the cutting. I have left this for Jen to trim herself, it will have better easement if someone else's block is rather shy of the measurements.

And lastly, Donna, aka patchwork gardener on instagram are swapping some Liberty fabric hexies. Donna was very prompt, me less so. First the wedding then a family illness. No, not the whole family ill but an illness within the family. Hopefully now on the mend. Donna has waited very patiently for her hexies, but the advantage of this crossover is that we haven't duplicated any. Donna also very kindly included some extra fabrics and a gorgeous key ring that really lifted my spirits.

I hope to return the complement. These will be in the post ASAP, along with a little Liberty mini.
Helen x
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lets all do the Shimmy

A little while ago I joined in Yvonne's quilt a long for her snowflake shimmer quilt using up the kona left over from the "behemoth" or wedding quilt I've been working on. The funny thing about leftovers, whether it be roast meat, white sauce or fabric is that whilst there looks to be loads, there's never quite enough.

This week was the first in the actual sewing. Easy Peasy thinks meself. A square within a square. Two opposing darks and two opposing lights. I even double checked to ensure it is fabric A and C for these blocks. What I forgot was the order the blocks are sewn in ..... not dark, dark, light, light, but dark, light, dark, light. As Eric Morcambe used to say in his piano piece, "I know all of the right notes not just in the right order". Luckily I hadn't completed all four sides, just three of them!

A few minutes later and we were back to the beginning again.

Dark, light, dark, light. One, two, three, swing your partner to the left, you know the type of thing. #

From there all progressed swimmingly and I now have three little piles of square within a square. They aren't trimmed yet, but they are sewn, well nearly all of them. They will be next time. I read Lisa's link up post and she said slow and steady. Slow and steady it is.

Helen x
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Friday, 5 August 2016

Nothing To See Here Sir, Move Along There Sir. Thank You.

Snowflake Shimmer Quilt Along

I know, I have done it again. Started another project with so many unfinished around me. This looks so much fun though, how can I not be in? And so far its easy. Last time Yvonne had us picking our fabrics for her Shimmer Snowflake Quilt Along, that was easy. And this time we are cutting the fabrics into little bits, all ready to be sewn together again into bigger bits. Do I need a life? This is what I do!

I have cut up as far as I can, my shortfall fabric is en route from Galway and Fluffy Sheep Quilting as we speak. So, I have cut my mid value fabric, all  nice and neat squares in a pile.

My deep fabric (I went with my first choice of blue, see last post, pictured below). It is called Pacific and is a Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman.

I cut the easy bits, the squares. I do have some more yardage here, but I am waiting for my supplies to arrive before cutting the different size rectangles. Keeping it simple, we are not at home to Mr Confusion.

And as for the light fabric, well I have about 6" x 3" left from the #coulterweddingquilt, so I think I had better wait. It was rather a close call in the end of the #behemoth and the off white fabric.

I had a bit of a wobble there with the off white fabric. It is called "snow" and I thought perfect for a snowflake quilt, and I anticipated having slightly more left over from the quilt. And, pure white looks grubby quickly, off white is meant to be slightly, well grubby. Which brings me to this .... she who shall remain nameless, a bloggy friend, said she was never sure about "snow", it looks more like pee'd snow! My hand hovered over the order/delete button at that! My father always did advise "don't eat yellow snow". But hey, life isn't perfect. Yellow snow it is! I'll smile every time I look at it.
It will be a conversation opener  anyway, my quilt with yellow snow.

What else is going on this week? No #behemoth anyway. The kona cotton frays terribly, and I cast like a moulting dog all round the house. The house is spotlessly clean, as far as that goes. The, I hesitate to say second, son is coming home for a while and to a clean and thread free house. Unless I sit in the garden, I'm limited to some gentle hexie sewing and some knitting. So, I'll use a gratuitous photo of my Liberty hexies Grandmother's Flower Garden. They haven't moved on much, but I do love looking at them. I'm using this week to think about the quilting and be ready for a quilting marathon in a week or so.


Oh, I nearly forgot, no I didn't, I'm fudging it here. Last week  I went to copy and paste my July stash bee blog post to show you my blocks wot I made. And, I did "something" and deleted the post from stash bee. I don't think anybody has noticed, it wasn't me, honest. Here's the photo of blocks wot I made for Tracy.

Helen x
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