Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tuesday is the New Sunday

This post should have been done and dusted on Sunday, in time for Sunday stash. Here we go now, here is my Sunday Stash on display in the garden with the Houndstooth flimsy.

 There were a few administrative problems I am afraid. You see, the joke is that our house is tidy but the cupboards, or my cupboards are bursting at the seams. Open the door and everything falls out. Open the door and ram something else in, rather like on the Japanese subway. But, I know pretty much where everything is, given a few minutes notice to get the brain on gear. It takes that few minutes to focus in and remember when I last saw the thing.

With the decorators in, yes, they are still here, things are more rammed into cupboards than normal.

Backtrack slightly. I bought, ordered and received 4 yards of Alison Glass Blueberry Park fabric. I could see it was onto the red spectrum of purple but thought it should be ok to back the houndstooth flimsy, which is ready and waiting.

 As soon as I opened the parcel I could see it wasn't right. Lovely fabric, but not right.

Fast track slightly and I bought, ordered and received 4 metres of Art Gallery Buck Forest Hello Bear  fabric in silver grey. As soon as I opened this parcel, I could see this was perfect. (I should have written this as an analogy of Goldilocks and the three bears). This was from a new company to me,  Billow Fabrics.

So, Sunday, and time for Sunday stash. I couldn't find the original backing fabric, then I couldn't find the quilt flimsy. Eventually, having searched high and low, I took the photos. By then I was so wheezy and my eyes were so sore, the paint, the dust, the cupboards, I didn't bother posting.  So Tuesday is the new Sunday. Luckily Molli's Sunday Stash linkup is still ongoing, so that's ok then.

This is on my FAL list for the end of  September. I doubt that this will be quilted by then. I have to get out to buy  the wadding (no point in having extra clutter whilst the painter is here), baste and quilt. Some folk may do this in a day or two, me, it takes rather longer.

I didn't mention it, but the colourway of the Alison Glass fabric is "burgundy". The clue was in the description I suppose. I couldn't resist a photo just to compare to the real thing.

In the meantime I have been doing a little knitting.  Brioche knitting no less. Brioche knitting is interesting. This is code for flippin' difficult. The project is called "What the Fade ", this is code for something different too.  I will save this excitement up for another day.

Oh, I almost forgot, whilst ordering the knitting needle for the Brioche, its  brass and 80 cm, a little fabric popped into the virtual  basket in The Village Haberdashery.

 It is unavoidable. When you are paying the postage anyway .... This is another fabric from the Alice In Wonderland range I bought there in person. It just sets off the range I think.

Helen x
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How do Folk Do This Every Year?

We have the decorators in. The whole house is being painted inside and out. Nothing complicated. I am not only the Queen of Sheba, I am also the Queen of Magnolia. I have a good friend, Mary, who is the Cointreau Queen but that's another whole story. All our walls are painted magnolia, as our ceilings. No feature walls for us.

I know magnolia paint has become a bit of a joke. It is boring, it is bland. "it doesn't reflect my personality". Rubbish. Magnolia gives a calm restful background. It makes the rooms look bigger. The light reflects off the walls. They take on different shades depending on the direction of the light,  time of day and angles. We add all our paintings and stuff, and that's what reflects our personalities, not the paint. If I call it not magnolia but Egyptian papyrus does that make it sound exotic?

Whether the walls have three differing papers and a umpteen dado rails, the house still has to be cleared. I thought our house was quite minimalist, except for the books and the art work and my "stuff'". We have a lot more books and dvds than we realised. We have a lot of "framed" stuff. I have a lot of crap, sorry craft stuff. Scrapbooking starts again tonight. This year I am DEFNITELY not buying any more supplies. ~Fabric, I have rather a lot too. And my wool collection was growing rather nicely too. How do other folk decorate every two years? The seven year itch is more than enough for me.

This is a long way of prevaricating and saying there hasn't been much sewing done here. There wasn't much done last week either, we were in Malaga with friends. I sneaked in a little machine sewing on Sunday morning, I got another 2 bubble bee blocks done. I think if I do 4 more done, that will do me.

What I have been doing is hand sewing. Actually rather a lot as I am spending my days in the bedroom until the living areas are finished. I have started hand piecing my EPP hexie quilt, the Liberty one I laid on the floor a week or so ago. Hold on, I only have one EPP hexie quilt, I don't need to specify which one!

This is what I have created. To date. Is it big enough? Nope, not unless I lie very still and don't move.

I had a momentary panic yesterday when I thought I had used up all my completed circlets. Luckily I found another 10. Have I enough? Probably not.

It is actually very restful half sitting, half lying on the bed with the windows open. Sewing my hexie circles together and listening to podcasts. The Grocery Girls are entertaining, and Amy Florence,  as is local girl Kate from Hawthorn Cottage Crafts. I always finish a book but if a podcast doesn't grab me in the first minutes, I move on. The painters probably think I am lazy, I am not. I am being creative. 

This is a rather photo light post this time. If you have lost the will to live, that's ok. If not, I will tell you a story.

I had/have two friends called Liz. Liz my booky friend, who is my best friend, and another Liz I was also very close to at school and  have just recently met again. Well, Liz, non booky Liz, used to take me to visit her granny. Granny M lived in a little terraced house on the side of the street where the sun didn't shine. This isn't a metaphor for anything. ~The sun just shone on the other side of the street. Anybody from N Ireland, or the north of England will know what I mean, a narrow street with narrow house, two room downstairs, plus kitchen and two rooms upstairs. Perhaps a bathroom, perhaps not. Granny M's back room was stuffed full of furniture, her whole house was stuffed full of furniture. There were religious pictures and embroideries all over the shop. One that intrigued me was a large picture of a road that split in two. The left road had only one man, walking a solitary dark path with many bends towards a light. The right road was the party road. Lots of people, lots of bright colours, leading towards a fire. When I asked what the painting was about, Granny M looked at me as if I was a heathen. That's about the leading the right life and going to heaven or leading a wrong life and going to hell to burn in damnation. I knew that, I thought the right hand road looked more fun, but I didn't want to burn in hell either. What I did want to know was, who painted such a picture?What was it based on? What was his motivation?  I was 9! My dad explained it would have been based on John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" a very old book written about Pilgrim's journey to a life with God,  an allegory, a cautionary tale for those in the 1600s. That was what I wanted to know! Dad bought me a children's version and we read it together.

Anyhow, back to Granny M. Liz and I stayed at Granny M's one night and I never slept a wink. All night I was awake. The prospect of burning in hell after a life of partying kept me awake. The big high bed we could hardly climb into kept me awake. The cold house with no central heating kept me awake. And the rustling. The rustling kept me awake. The rustling went on all night. It particularly kept me awake. Every time Liz or I moved the bed rustled. Beds don't rustle. My mum told me that Granny M mustn't have taken out the papers from her patchwork quilt that was on top of the bed. This sparked my interest. My mum explained and then showed me how people folded fabric around papers and sewed them altogether to make quilts. I thought this was brilliant. Mum and I made a quilt for my doll from papers and fabric.

I  had forgotten all this until I moved whilst piecing yesterday and I rustled. I moved again and I rustled again. All of a sudden Granny M's quilt came back to me.

And just as an aside. Liz's mother (or was it her father?) was annoyed because Liz and I slept in the big bed somebody had died in. Apparently if a young person slept in a bed an old person died in, it sucked out all the strength and youth ........ It took my own mother a while to persuade me otherwise. Granny M was a tiny woman, like a fussy little bird, she clearly loved having 2 girls to stay with her. She also gave us vegetable soup and poured milk into it . Strange. We didn't do that at home either.

And with these cautionary tales, I will leave  you. Nearly. Last night I wound some wool whilst watching the GBBO . Doesn't my wool coordinate nicely with Prue Leith's top? Maybe I could colour coordinate my wool every week! It is the GBBO but not as we know it. Bring back Mary Berry.

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Monday, 11 September 2017

Goody Goody Binding Kit, mark ii

Last week I blogged about the Goody Goody Binding Kit that I made for Paula as the MQI Summer Swap 2017. This week I can blog about the Goody Goody Binding Kit I received from Stephanie, aka @mycalicoheart . I had listed in my preferences I liked hexies, text print and strong colours.

Do you think Stephanie read the brief? I think she did.

The hexies print on the inside makes me smile every time I open this up. And as for the bees, well I love bees and try to encourage them in the garden. More relevant to Stephanie and myself, Stephanie and I were both in the MQI bee a couple of years ago.

I also said in my blog post that I wasn't fussed on the strawberry scissor holder, that Lella Boutique had designed, too fussy for me. And that I didn't use Velcro as I hate the feel and sound of Velcro. Apart from that I had no preferences.

And you know what? Stephanie stalked me really well. There is no Velcro in sight and a nifty little pocket instead of the strawberry.

I love this. I love that the little clips can fasten onto the thread strip and the thread can go in the zippy pocket. I loved the bar of chocolate, and am saving the polo mints for the next time I am on a long journey.

We are encouraged to include an extra, a fat quarter is suggested. I love the fabric Stephanie included for me. The selvedge is brilliant on this piece of Cotton & Steel. I have been saving my selvedges and this will be added to the collection.

 And you know what? I included a pair of pink scissors for Paula. I have several pairs of my pink scissors dotted about the house. Just because I have lots, doesn't mean I love any of them any less. The pink scissors, were in and they were out of the kit. And lucky me! Karma! Stephanie included a pair of green blue scissors for me! Good karma!

Stephanie did a really good job. She actually lives just across Belfast Lough from me. We have never met but I am waving my thanks.

I am sad the MQI has closed, but it certainly finished on a high for me. Thanks again to Louise and Ruth for organising this.

ps Paula loved the red felt needle holder in my Goody Goody Kit and the pink scissors.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Bubble Bubble

The two things in life we can be certain of are taxes and death. Or so said Benjamin Franklin.
 Jane Austen may have said about the certainty of rich men with a fortune being in need of a wife.
These things in life are indeed certain and so is the certainty of the quilter or knitter possessing works in progress (WIP). Where there is a crafter, there are undoubtedly WIPs. And like distant relatives they come around every now and again.

My project that comes around with regular regularity is ........... (not the EPP hexies, though I could see Jane Austen sewing these) my bubble bee quilt. I was talking about this on  Saturday and thought it was time to get it out again.

I have 10 blocks done altogether. Well ........ it is a bee quilt. I personally have not done these blocks. They have been done for me, and I have reciprocated for others with the same number of blocks. A lot of people dropped out of this bee, but we ended up mostly with 10 blocks each at the end.

It is time this was finished. I may have mentioned we are hoping for a homecoming of the younger generations this Christmas. Quilts will be needed. This could be a finish oh so easily. A few more blocks, even up the sizes and back with sugar skulls.

Which brings me neatly back to Jane Austen. Sugar skulls and Jane Austen, not words commonly seen in the same sentence. One of the things I loved most about my dad was he was open to new ideas. (Well, sometimes. He was an elderly man.) Like myself he was a voracious reader. He mostly read biographies, crime novels and the classics. He particularly liked Jane Austen and had reread all of  her books. Next up he read Pemberley, a rewrite of Pride and Prejudice by PD James. In this rewrite Elizabeth and Darcy were married and became detectives. He puzzled over how anybody, even PD James could rewrite a book somebody had already written. We had a few discussions about this. One day I came across a copy of Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies. I took it down to him. It was of course tongue in cheek, I never expected him to read it. And dear reader, my octogenarian father did read it and actually enjoyed it.

Perhaps this will be my Jane Austen quilt. I like to reread a Jane Austen book over the Christmas holidays. I can snuggle up under the sugar skulls and dream about Darcy.

Helen x

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Goody Goody Binding Kit - MQI Summer Swap 2017

Today I posted off my Goody Goody Binding Kit designed by Lella Boutique to my partner in the MQI summer swap 2017. I have only shown the outside on instagram #mqisummerswap2017 so as not to spoil the surprise for my partner. I think I am safe enough blogging here. I don't think my partner has a very large social media footprint, in other words, I don't think she is likely to read this before she receives her parcel.

I used cotton & steel fabric to make the sewing kit as I think of it. My swappee likes green and blue and these fqs from my Craftsy box of cotton & steel last year fitted the bill.

 As I said in my last post I amended the strawberry shaped scissor holder. I attached a pair of pink decoupage scissors. These are great wee scissors. I have a few pairs. Cheap, cheerful and pointy. Like one of the 1950s film starlets! And they are aviation suitable. Although they are pointy and could do some damage, the blades are short so apparently they are allowable in hand luggage in planes. Useful for EPP etc but not too valuable if they get lost.

The keen eyed amongst you may notice the red felt needle holder. The more discerning amongst you may notice the red felt needle holder. I did try really hard to get some white felt. I looked in all my cupboards at home, I have red felt, brown felt and orange felt. I looked in the local sewing shops and I looked in a couple of shops in England too. Who would have thought it could be so hard to find a teeny tiny piece of white felt? I attached the red felt with a couple of stitches in 4ply sock wool. I may as well compound the horribleness of the clashing red felt! Actually, this is so my partner can easily replace the red with white, or another colour if she wants to.

This was my first time inserting a zip that I cut to length. I always thought that seemed rather nerve wracking. It was. ~ As long as you keep the zipper part in the right part of the zip when cutting it seems to work ok. It made a really neat job and I can see myself doing this again.

In fact I can see myself doing the whole thing again! I was tempted to keep this, but I had no time to make another to send. I can however make another one for myself. I will definitely do this. I might even put a bar of Cadbury's chocolate in my own too!

I made a quick pincushion using some of the leftover fabric and cotton & steel selvedge. I like it too. An extra fq completed the parcel. Here's hoping my partner likes this.

I have been looking at the other kits appearing in instagram. I thought I had spotted the one for  me, but then later in the afternoon I spotted another one that might be for me. Isn't it exciting?

Helen x

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A Little Bit of Knit and Knatter

If you are a non knitter, I give you permission to look away now. This is a catch up knitting post. If you are still with me, you will know I love all these new terms that blogging has taught me.

Are you monogamous? Are you a monogamous knitter I mean? Are you a selfish knitter? I have been watching (listening) to knitting podcasts recently. Sitting in the garden or lying in bed on a Sunday morning, waiting for my breakfast, is my podcast time. Strange, I don't read knitting blogs, nor have I come across quilting podcasts, except for Yvonne's quilting video inserts.

I have also finally got to grips with Ravelry. It has taken a while. Pinterest is next. I have found that if I hashtag my instagram photos it will upload them to Ravelry. None of that emailing photos to myself when blogging, 5 mins to write the blog, 45 mins to sort out the photos taken on the phone.

And do you know? Knitting is fun too. There are knit a longs you can take part in where you can link up your knits, primarily socks. Ellie from #crafthousemagic on ig and ravelry has a summersockskal . I linked up the bright pink Rose City Rollers socks from last month. I liked them so much I knitted another pair in grey cotton wool from, would you believe, Lidl. They used just under 50g of wool yarn which means I have 3 more balls left. They knitted up nice and soft and the daughter is delighted with her new summer socks.

Time for a change of pattern, though I will be back to that. Flicking through Ravelry I came across the Mercury socks, designed by Kim Drotar and a free download. I had a random 50g ball of Drops Faber wool in a dusky pink, bought in the now defunct Textile Studio two years ago. I think if I make these short summer socks, I will just about make it in the 50g.

 If not, I will finish the toes in a contrast cream and pink fleck "borrowed" from my Skein Queen purchase blogged in my Yarnfolk post. What I will not make is the end of Ellie's link up, the end of the month is looming too quickly. Yesterday I knitted like mad, today I watched Game of Thrones. Such is life. They are knitting I think to a small size 4. I also changed the heel to the slip/rib heel of the previous socks.

In between I have been updating my portfolio. My Portfolio shawl designed by Erika Flory has finally been started, and then just as easily stopped again. I love this wool, sorry yarn. The skeins were bought Easter 2016 in Philadelphia's Loop Knits. I love how the blue is slightly variant in the concentration of blue. Not a huge variation as in a fade, but just a subtle variation. I emailed the shop as I wasn't sure of what needle size to use, I got a reply instantly, reassuring me I was on the right road. Good customer service. And how I have come on in just over a year! At time of purchase I insisted on a print copy of the pattern. Now I know I should have asked for a Ravelry download. This Easter when I bought more wool   yarn, I got both the print and a Ravelry download. Go Silver Surfers! Go Granny! (I can say that now!)

One more yarn update. Last week I won a fantastic prize. I entered a giveaway on instagram, it is great for that. I won!! And again, this was a prize I was really pleased with.

The lovely @kellylay1512 has a small family business layfamilyyarn.etsy.com . Kelly is an indie dyer and her yarns are beautiful. I won a 100g skein duckling colourway yarn in a merino nylon blend. There were two sock blanks, each hand painted, one in purples and the other in greens. Now what are sock blanks? Yarn that is knitted up in a tube then hand dyed. Then unravelled and knitted up again as socks giving a random pattern.

As Kelly put it there were some extras too. A handmade bar of lego soap! Some sweets and a lollipop, a lovely lavender pin cushion and a brilliant tin. It is almost as if Kelly knows me. I love tins! This tin has flowers on it, the epp flowers I have been slogging over for ages. Inside it is a packet of tissues with the same design. If ever a tin was designed for me, or tissues, these are it!

Signing off today a very happy bunny.
Helen x

Monday, 28 August 2017

Summer's Last Hurrah

I definitely said I wasn't doing any bees this year. Well, we know how that worked out.  I definitely said I wasn't doing any swaps this year. Well, what do you know? Welcome to my blog post on the Modern Quilter's Ireland Summer Swap 2017.

 It wasn't that I didn't want to participate in this, I did, it was just, well, this year .... Anyhow fast forward and I am glad I am. Unfortunately despite Ruth's (Charly and Ben's Crafty Corner) valiant efforts, the MQI is folding, has folded, and so I am glad I said "yes" when Louise asked me to take part in this swap. The last hurrah so to speak of the MQI Summer Swaps.

I decided to go with these fabrics, so as you can see, I said yes.

My partner is new to me, I know little about her except what is in Louise's  email. She likes modern and vintage fabrics and loves green and blue. I am hoping this isn't a spoiler alert, but I doubt she will be reading this. I decided to break into my Cotton & Steel fq box of fabric. After all, it is good to gift what you would like to receive yourself! Or so my mother used to say. Never give anybody anything less than you would be happy to receive. That kind of applies to both hand made gifts and cheap bubble bath.

I owe the MQI a lot. Their blog was one I spotted when I first started blog hopping. I signed up late on a winter's Friday night. Next thing I knew, I was filling in for someone in the bee. And the rest is history.

This year's swap is lovely, a joy. It is a needle pouch with a tutorial from the lelle boutique blog. Vanessa whose blog it is has called it the "Goody Goody Binding Kit" and that initially put me off. I am not really into making binding on the bias and all that techy stuff. When I looked again, after Louise emailed me, what I saw was a fun needlework case.

So far I have quilted the outer fabric with a darker green thread in straight lines a foot apart.  (sewing machine foot, not imperial measurement).  This is to hold the outer fabric to the wadding. I have no idea what wadding it is, except it is fairly firm and not too fluffy and came from the Paragon. You can see this in the fabric photo above.

I made a small pocket with a cream alphabet fabric from the C&S range, and bound it in a coordinating floral. This was attached to the smaller lining piece. It is big enough to hold binding clips or a small tape measure.

This in turn was attached to the  bigger lining piece. So far so good.

Next up I made a strip, as per the tutorial to hold a spool of thread. This is to be attached with Velcro at the bottom. Now, I hate Velcro, I hate the sound of it, I hate the feel of it. Coincidentally my tiny grandson hates the sound of it too! We must have delicate ears in our family. I am going to see if I can get a funky press stud. If not it will be a silver press stud. I think I need a cam thingy for studs.

I love the little zipped pocket on the left. This is the first time I have used a bigger zip and cut it to size. I can see it makes a nice neat job and have become a convert. It was all very painless. I first over sewed with the dark green thread .

I unpicked it and over stitched in the cream. The pocket was stitched to the lining on the right hand side face down. It was then flipped back and over stitched too.
 The left hand side will be taken care of in the binding.

 As I am doing my over stitching in cream, I will do a quick line of quilting underneath the pocket before sewing it all up. In the tutorial, the over stitching is to line up with the outside quilting and hold all the layers together. I don't want the cream on the outer cover, and likewise don't want the green on the inner lining, so will do secret quilting here and there.

The original tutorial has a strawberry to be a scissor keeper. I don't like to reproduce the photo without permission, but click on "Goody Goody Binding Kit" if you want to see. I wasn't so keen on sewing a strawberry, so played about with a piece of folded 6" sq fabric. I folded right sides together and stitched round to make a triangle. I turned this the right way out, folded in the little raw edge and over sewed it.

Next I attached the triangle to the lining. I left the top straight edge open but sewed down two seams from the top to the end of where the flappy bit would fold over, leaving the pointy bits flapping.  I brought the two corners in on themselves to make a sort of upside down posh hanky, or napkin. The pin will be replaced with a contrasting button.  I made a ribbon from some C&S selvedge and that will be a scissor holder inner and can be untied. This will release the scissors when they are used. Mr Health and Safety in the house was concerned about scissors floating about unanchored in the scissor keeper. I deliberately sewed the scissor ribbon below the pocket because I thought that was stylish.

All I have to do now is attach a bit of yet unpurchased felt, above the scissor thingy, to hold needles. I only have red felt and its not right. If however the finished article has a red felt needle keeper, just smile and nod. Then the binding will attach the outer to the inner lining. A ribbon, more selvedge, around the outside to tie. Scrounge up, sorry choose, a few little things to go inside the goody goody kit and that's a good job hopefully well done.

I have a busy few days this week, but hopefully will finish this weekend, all in good time to pop in the post.

Helen x
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Friday, 25 August 2017

Well, Hounddog, You're Nearly Finished

My "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog" quilt? We have a nearly finish. A flimsy finish. Is "flimsy" because it is just the top layer which makes a rather flimsy, thin bed covering? Or is it because you chance your arm using the word "finish" and hence a flimsy finish.

So, we have not quite a Whoop Whoop! yet but a Ta Dah! I have sewn all the blocks together on my Houndtooth quilt.

Please excuse the "not great" photo. It was monsoon raining outside, so an indoor photo to start. It would have made more sense if my usual holder upper had held the quilt, and I took the photo. As we do usually. The quilt holder upper seemed to be busy, so it was all rather rushed.  I suppose he is allowed his own life.  This does show that the quilt is longer than 5' 1", which is good. 

I had a bit of free time and a free house last Saturday afternoon. The local football season has started up again. This meant I was able to spread all over the house. I had them all laid out in order to ensure no mistakes (?) on the kitchen floor.

As the strips were sewn they were all laid out on the sunroom floor to double make sure everything was in order. I think I took this photo in the brief moment of sunshine.

Only once did I start to sew a strip on the wrong way round, and I realised within a block or two. The kettle boiled all afternoon, lots of caffeine to keep the creative feed going. And of course the tv on, those American twins who do up and sell houses on feed. It was pouring outside but what did I care? I was a pig in clover.

The design is by Judith of Just Jude Designs and it was published in Love Patchwork and Quilting last autumn. My daughter and I had been looking for a quilt design for her bed, and she liked  the modern clean lines of this. We decided on kona greys and two contrasting purples from The Village Haberdashery and the now sadly defunct Fluffy Sheep Quilting shop. I will list them in the next post. Think I have said that before!

The purples are similar toned but a few shades apart.

This quilt is the "main one" on my FAL list for this quarter. (I have completed the camel quilt, which was another). Quilting and completing is rather dependent on the postal system and HM Customs. I tried to source this Alison Glass Blueberry Park fabric  online, but couldn't find it in the UK. Just by chance there was a sale in Craftsy, though the postage charges are on top. And possibly but hopefully not, customs charges. It will be perfect though for the backing. When it arrives, it will be all systems go.

I have been more knitting and reading than sewing recently. Quicker results and more sociable I find. Now I have this all pieced I have a new burst of enthusiasm. This is just as well. I am taking part in the mqi summer swap and the deadline is looming. I started today and am quite excited about this. More to follow! I also have a few other wip which I am feeling the love for again. Roll on September. 

Helen x
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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Strolling Along The King's Road

It amazes me how often I am able to post and link up with Sunday Stash. I would say, indeed, argue vociferously, that I don't buy that much. It does seem however, that I am link up with worrying regularity. Unfortunately Molli Sparkles doesn't seem to have a link up this week. Not to worry. Here we go anyway.

Last weekend my daughter and I did a trail along the King's Road and made a visit to Peter Jones. John Betjeman once said that he wanted to be in the haberdashery department of Peter Jones at the end of the world. Well, I wouldn't quite say that, but it is pleasant enough for a short while.

My daughter loves the Scion range of homeware. We spotted this fabric. The difficult thing was whether to buy the blue fabric with the foxes or the grey with the hedgehogs. The hedgehogs won the day. We bought 3/4 metre with a coordinating grey fabric. The plan for this is to make two envelope cushions, with a hedgehog stripe across the plain back. The surprise is that she will be helping me. Time the apprentice stepped up to the mark!

Whilst the lovely shop assistant was cutting this, we noticed another customer buying some scandi Christmas fabric. After we joked about Christmas planning in August, she told us the fabric was on offer, half price. Well, we all love a bargain. This isn't even a bargain but an essential purchase. Our wee family is growing, I feel the need to make a couple of extra Christmas stockings. Sustainable packaging. One year I will use no new Christmas paper or bags at all, that is my secret aim every year.

So my purchases this week aren't really purchases at all. More essential shopping type of thing.

I also bought some variegated  thread to quilt my Houndstooth quilt. I finished the flimsy yesterday, it needs a good press then I will blog it. I have ordered some gorgeous Karen Lewis fabric for backing. Gosh, there's another stash post coming up. Anyhow, this sulky thread? Too blue toned or purple enough? The photo is too dark, it has more of a dark lilac tone through the grey in real life.


From there, my husband and I  went to London for the International Athletics Finals. That was fun. I love these big sporting events. I am a little hazy sometime on the details, but I enjoy the atmosphere. And of the two of us, one of us  is usually certain of the detail! No photos I am afraid, all deleted. My phone is soo full, its delete one photo, take one photo time again.

Towards the end of the week, the postman came to visit. He brought me my Beeabee2017  blocks from Gina, aka Quilts and Cakes, paganquilter.com . Gina made me two brilliant blocks with winnie the pooh peeking in the windows. One is for the front, and I will use the second in the back or a coordinating toy bag. Gina also kindly included the rest of her winnie fabric for me to use. This is vintage fabric from Gina's stash, so it much appreciated.

Helen x

Friday, 18 August 2017

Back To The Hexies

I had two big crafting achievements in the last couple of weeks, the Lucent baby quilt, or the Camel Quilt, blogged about last Saturday, and the mammoth achievement of a family history Scrapbook Album for a relative. Both of these are handed over, as were all the hats from a few weeks so ago. So,  I have decided to think about myself this weekend. I thought I would drag out all my Liberty hexies again.

I had reached stalemate with these, not because I was fed up or bored, but because I had found the joy of socks. (read it aloud!) I have been knitting socks, and these are wonderfully transportable when you go on holidays, and probably easier on the eyes that sewing hexies.

 I  had also reached the point where I had to decide where I was going. The original intention had been to float these on a white kona background, calm and restful. It was getting rather on the large size for that, and it would involve a lot of white hexies. I still have rather a lot of Liberty fabric I have yet to hexie. The end of result would be too big.

I thought about it over the last few days, and have decided to change direction. I think I like them all butting up against each other. But how to go about this?

Darker fading into light?

Colour group?

Just all together in a mix up?

I am going with the pic 'n' mix. The top pic 'n' mix photo.

To be honest, after crawling around the floor, the photos all look much of a muchness.

 This quilt is for me to snuggle up (vegetate) in front of the tv. If it is too structured I will be forever torturing myself with "I should have done this", "I should have done that". Random placement will be less stress inducing ~ I think.  My husband also kindly pointed out that I have a reputation for spilling my drink, whether it be red wine, whiskey or simply coffee. As I sit here typing with some curry down my t shirt, I have to agree with that a plain white background might not be such a good idea.

It will be a  lot smaller without the plain white in-betweens. This way I can start to piece it together now then add to it as I go along. If it was too structured I couldn't do that.

I still have a fair wee stash of Liberty fabrics not used yet, all neatly folded (?) as you can see.
I like the pink and purple one just peeking out.

I have a fair wee stash of Liberty fabrics overall. So far I have only repeated one block, and that was by mistake.

All that fabric though and I have run out of this red and white. I like this but it will have to be a corner.

I have enough of this cycle fabric that I should do something sensible.

I have a whole half metre of this gorgeous animal tana lawn. My daughter in law gave this at Christmas a while back, I have been hoarding it. Wouldn't it make a lovely little shirt for wee boy?

And this ship fabric? Not too pink toned?                                                                                               
Not everybody "gets" Liberty, but those who do really, and I mean, really, love it.
Helen x
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